29th June 2012

Hey folks,

Ok, so our web designer has disappeared off the face of the Earth. I've tried emailing him and phoning the number on his whois to no avail. This leads me to conclude that either:
1) He's had some horrific accident and has been unable to use a computer for 2 months.
2) He's lost interest and hasn't the balls to say so.
I'm leaning towards the latter (Oliver Sperke, please tell me it ain't so) in which case it looks like Steg is not getting a new site.

As for me, I'm still on tour. I've cycled across Europe and across Turkey and I'm now in Tbilisi and heading towards Baku. I see new interesting things each day and encryption projects seem rather bland by comparison. I think it will stay this way for the forseeable future, and we may consider Steg to be a 'resting' project.

Then again, it's free software, so if anyone else wants to take it up and move it forward, go for it.

- Leo

ps. Life's a beach (Sea of Marmara, just before Istanbul):

me in istanbul

10th April 2012

Hey folks,

Sorry for the lack of updates. Our web designer is still working on the new site, but a commercial project took priority. Give him a month, I reckon (so much for German efficiency, huh? :-p)

We now have a git repository with a few changes since the 0.91 release. You can access the repository here.

Although I have done very little since the last update, interest in Steg seems to be growing. I'm on a tour of Europe and currently staying in the brmlab hackerspace in Prague. Most of the hackers here have already heard of Steg and are interested in its progress. As I see it, we need to get two things sorted before we can proceed:

- A proper web presence, with more approachable documentation [in progress]
- A review of the algorithms in Steg (especially the Bunny key expansion function) by professional cryptanalysts. If any cryptanalysts out there want to lend a hand, please email me (anagon@gmail.com)!

I leave Prague tomorrow and will be cycling South towards Vienna and Bratislava. If any hackers in this part of the world want to meet up/invite me to a hackerspace, then drop me an email!

Over and out!

- Leo

20th February 2012

Hey folks,

I am currently working with a talented German web designer who has offered to build a proper website for Steg. I am very happy with the way things are coming along, and our new site should go live at this address in a couple of weeks!

I've made a couple of bugfixes to the Steg source tree. With the new site will come a Git repository but until then, you may get the latest source here.

If you have any questions about Steg, feel free to post in our forums. Or if you just feel like chatting, point your IRC client at irc.oftc.net and join #steg.

Stay tuned!

- Leo

11th January 2012

DM-Steg 0.91 released. Click for download.

- steg_rw_submit_slowpath fixed. It should compile on 32-bit architectures now.
- standalone kernel modules building supported
- ffs64.c no longer needed

- Leo

26th November 2011

Hey folks,

As of today, DM-Steg has just gone public.

Read the introductory .pdf or download the source code If you have problems, try the forums or simply: use the source (luke)!

If you're a coder and interested in contributing or taking over maintenance of DM-Steg, drop me an email (address at bottom of introductory .pdf).

Good luck!

- Leo